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What is Street 306?

The Egyptian government is contemplated with supporting medium, small and micro enterprises for the purpose of providing job opportunities for the youth and boosting the Egyptian economy. There upon, the government is in the process of establishing modern complexes to house those businesses and enable interested participants to operate within a legitimate framework, in an effort to alleviate the challenges of unemployment and unregulated businesses. As part of this vision, Tahya Misr Holding Company for Investment and Development (“Tahya Misr”) has established Aswaq Misr Express for Development and Management (“Aswaq Misr Express”) in order to develop and manage the businesses of young entrepreneurs. Aswaq Misr Express is honored with being the managing and operating arm of Tahya Misr in charge of implementing its flagship project, “Street 306”, throughout Egypt’s governorates. Whereas the project is aiming to cluster and help young entrepreneurs in the street food and other businesses to set up enterprises that comply with international standards. Such project is an added value to our national economy considering the new markets it will open and the job opportunities it will create for the youth.


Street 306 to be the largest youth food complex in the Middle East


We strive to gather the creativity of young Egyptian entrepreneurs, who want to establish their fast food projects, in an approach that creates massive job opportunities and a secure entertainment environment for Egyptian families.


Supporting Youth Is Our Goal

Upgrading the knowledge and skills of young entrepreneurs that are essential to establish, manage their projects, and build feasibility and business plans

Establishing a communication channel between young entrepreneurs and food ingredients suppliers

Activating our responsibility towards people with special needs through social empowerment and helping them participate in this type of projects

Winning the Community’s Trust

Offering a variety of healthy food choices with affordable prices and high quality

Increasing the community’s engagement and increasing their trust in “Made in Egypt” Products


Commitment to Society:
Exerting every effort to enhance the welfare of society

We serve our customers using creative approaches

Customer Delight:
Offering an enjoyable and memorable experience for the whole family

Our priority is to protect the rights of our customers

Quality Assurance:
We assure our customers that they will have the same enjoyable experiment every visit.

Comming Soon

Our own food and beverage street food chain named “To Go.”

A delivery service designed to deliver to your door step whether from our food and beverage units’ chain “To Go” or from one of our tenants’ units!

A catering service made to cover events whether from our food and beverage chain “To Go” or from our tenants’ units.