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Application Process

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Acceptance email

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Head to the headquarters stated in the email with your electronic letter of acceptance and required documents

Eligibility Criteria

To hold the Egyptian Nationality

To have a valid ID card.

To have a clear criminal record.

To be 16 years or older

To have at least a secondary school diploma or an equivalent certificate.

To not be employed in any governmental or private sector entity.

Required Documents

1Copy of a valid national ID card and the original for reviewing.

2Electricity or gas bill in the name of the applicant or a relative of the first or second degree (in case of a different address than the address on the ID), with proof of the degree of kinship.

3A recent certificate of criminal record.

4A recent health certificate from an accredited entity.

5A copy of the academic certificate and the original for reviewing.

6A copy of the commercial register and the tax card (in the case of an existing business and the original for reviewing).

7Certificate of Social Security (if any)

8Certified certificate for people with special needs (if any).

9Copy of the certificate of the military service and the original for reviewing.

10Detailed description of the activity type and menu "with photographs of the unit (If any.)

112 recent personal photos.

12To have a registered document from the Ministry of Health and Population of being drug-free.